5 Days of Love **Giveaway** (Day 5)

February 17, 2012 at 4:38 AM | Posted in giveaway | 35 Comments

Save the best for last.

DAY 5: I’m all about saving time. Baking is no exception.

So I’m giving away a SunBeam Cupcake Maker. REALLY?!? Yes. Really. Special THANK YOU to my anonymous hook up at Target.com. It’s fun to have hook ups. Esp at the red bullseye store. You know you’re jealous right now.

HOW TO WIN: What is something you do in your daily life to “save time”? Winner has been announced on my FB page!

FINE PRINT: Only USA and Canada shipping address eligible to win prize. Sorry international readers. :/

DEADLINE: Friday Feb 17th @ 11:59pm EST. One winner will be chosen at 12 midnight and announced on my FB page. If you haven’t “liked” it yet then you might wanna do that. lol

T-t-t-t-that’s all folks. Congrats to all the winners!

Hope you enjoyed my 5 days of love. ♥♥♥

Come back tomorrow for a bittersweet post and recipe. (That’s the only hint you get!)



  1. My favorite trick is to make all my lunches at once – even for those of us that are home all day. ( I pack my two oldest boys their sack lunches & at the same time I pack a divided ziploc reuseable container for my three youngest and lunch for myself). It seems like lunch wouldn’t take much time to make again, but all the time I waste geting things out and putting things away saves more than just time – it’s a lot cleaner in the kitchen after lunch too!

  2. I’m all about saving time even if it means spending a little money. I jump on the highway every morning on the way to work to avoid the rush of cars on the regular roads. 50 cents later I’m happy as a clam, stress-free and arriving 15 minutes before any of the people who took the regular roads.

  3. Goodness, we would LOVE to win this! Elizabeth would have so much fun making cupcakes with this!

    My time saver is I pack my lunch (and my husband’s if he’s been nice :) ) the night before. That way the morning isn’t so chaotic by having to do one more thing in the morning.

  4. Since Hubby and I commute to work together, I do my makeup in the car while he’s driving. I’ll take that extra 10 minutes of sleep any day! My little sister loves to bake and I’m sure she’d love this!

  5. I’m a big health nut! I buy different fruits and veggies for the week. I love smoothies in the morning so I blend an assortment of different fruits with coconut water. I will make batches for the week…of banana/mangos mixes, assorted berries mixes, citrus mixes, the list goes on. :O) You never go wrong with the fruit smoothy! Blend and store in juice containers, refrigerate. You have a daily smoothy to take with you!

  6. Keurig coffee maker… saves me time and allows me to still have my coffee every morning, even if I happen to be running late. :)

  7. I make a lot of something in a crock pot and then put it in single servings in the freezer.

  8. I do lots of things to save time – I fix hubby’s lunch the night before, set up the coffee and tea makes the night before, get laundry started first thing in the morning, grocery shop once a month with just a short extra trip for specials and fresh things, use a bread machine for all our bread, order things from Amazon to avoid shopping time,
    and I have an attitude where I am happy to “use what I have” Whenever possible I use things I have for craft projects and cooking projects instead of more shopping.
    Can you tell I don’t like to waste time shopping? :)

  9. I pack the fur kids lunch the night before. Saves time when I am in a ruh. Plus I don’t forget the lunch when I do it the night before.

  10. We pack all our food in individual portions so it’s faster to pack lunches. That way we also have built in portion control and we’re speedier in the morning.

  11. I save time in the mornings by showering and shaving the night before. I also try to gather all of my books and things I’ll need for work the night before so it’s all ready in the morning.

  12. Confession: I use boxed cake mix and brownie mix for quick desserts

  13. Wow! What an exciting final prize! I get to work earlier than anyone else, so I can get things done before everyone is requesting my attention. It’s the most efficient part of my day!

  14. I save time by doubling up on things whenever I can. On the bus (the one that takes the toll highway, not the slow regular streets with a million stops) school? Check my email, prep presentations, edit my thesis… Making breakfast for today? Throw some extra in the in the pot for the rest of the week.

  15. I love to run, but can only fit it in the morning so every night I lay out my running clothes in the living room in order of how I need to put it on (leggings, socks, shorts, shirt, sweat shirt, gloves, etc.) So that I can mindlessly get ready when I am still half asleep! :)

  16. I save time by washing my hair every other day. With 3 kids any short cuts works. BTW my girls would love the cupcake maker :)

  17. Crock pot meals are a must in this household. With 2 kids under 2 years old and a hubby who works 60 hour weeks it’s essential to find short cuts like packing his lunches for the week or prepping crock pot meals the night before then throwing it all in to cook all day.

  18. Setting a plan for the next day the night before! Having a general idea of what I need to do/get done the next day the night before helps me to be more efficient! Also, keeping a happy positive attitude each and every day helps me to do things more efficiently as well!

  19. I like to throw some stuff in a crockpot in the AM, so not only is dinner ready by the time I get home, but since I’m single, I usually have a few more meals from the one crockpot! Saves time that night for dinner and saves time with lunch or dinner for the next several days! This cupcake maker would be a perfect companion to a book I got for Christmas, where every recipe make only 6 cupcakes! :)

  20. Here is the best tip ever! I learned to say “NO” and it’s amazing how much time in a day I got back. Absolutely help when needed otherwise my “can do” for everyone else but me took over and left me no time at all!

  21. I tend to do some of the stuff i would do at home at work. Blogging, uploading pictures, things like that. I plan the recipe of what I’m going to make for dinner (if I’m making dinner) at work and get to it when I get home.

  22. I eat the same thing for breakfast every day, so I’ll set that up the night before and also set up the coffee pot so all I have to do it turn it on. I am ALWAYS running late in the mornings, so this helps a bit.

  23. I save time by packing my daughter’s diaper bag the night before we go somewhere. That way when it’s time to go we just grab the bag and leave!

  24. I watch tv on my ipad on the bus to work so I can spend time at home doing other things!

  25. I prepare my husband and I’d lunches the night before. We also both lie out our clothes and whatever we need to get out the door quickly.

  26. I make a big batch of food on the weekend to use for my lunches during the week – pasta salad, soup, grilled chicken, etc… It makes packing lunch every morning SO much easier- which is a blessing, because I am definitely NOT a morning person!

  27. I have an at-home cake business, so to save time, I use a convection oven and my home oven simultaneously when I have multiple cakes to do.

  28. I make my lunch/breakfast for the next day the night before, this way I can make sure I’m eating something healthy and not just rushing in the morning and grabbing something at starbucks or taking a can of green beans for lunch. On my off weekends on Sunday I try to make a couple casseroles and reheatable meals for the following week so then when I get home from work I can just throw a serving in the microwave.

    For errands I try to plan them out in a grid so that I’m not back tracking.

  29. To save time I throw all of my clothes into one load of laundry and just put a color catching sheet or two in there. It usually turns out fine :)

  30. To save time, I work out at 5 am every morning. If I have to work, that gives me an entire evening to get other stuff done and if it’s a day off, I have an ENTIRE day to check things off the to do list (including a nap)! Oh and Dry Shampoo is a close 2nd time saver.

  31. I roughly plan what I will wear the next morning so I don’t have to waste so much time thinking about my outfit (especially when I’m not awake yet!)

  32. Excited for tomorrow’s post. :) Especially since I’m hoping it has to do with some bittersweet chocolate.

    PS. I’m not entering the giveaway since I already have one of these awesome machines.

  33. Does that little cupcake maker work? My husband doesn’t adore cupcakes the way I do, so that would be a product to help me out. He also doesn’t like coffee like me (hence the Keurig) or most sweets in general. Not sure what’s up with him…. :)

  34. (THIS GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED! Thanks for playing.)

  35. Yes, I agree to your suggestions regarding how to plan in making cupcakes in a lesser effort and expense. We don’t need to buy a new book as we can use second-hand books or articles online for as long the information is intact and good to go.

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