Happy Blogiversary to me. Well. Almost. **GIVEAWAY**

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Hello. Anyone out there? I need your attention. I have something to say.

*deep breath*

I let you down. I dropped the ball. I passed the buck. I left you high and dry. And didn’t leave a forwarding address.

I wish I could say that I won the lottery. Took an amazing cruise around the world. Went on a 3 month shopping spree. Interned for Oprah Winfrey and now I’m joining the ranks of Dr. Phil, Dr. Oz, Rachael Ray… b/c she’s producing my new tv talk show. Sadly it’s really much more simple than that. Life got busy and I got blog burned out.

But I’m still baking cupcakes for clients. Here’s proof.

Cute right? Fall must be the time for baby showers. I wore out my onesie cutter.

I want to thank everyone that kept Cupcake Hero going while I was MIA. I hope all the hosts had a good time while it lasted. I apologize to all the people that emailed me with their concerns and complaints about how Cupcake Hero as been run as of lately. Unfortunately because I feel like I’ve lost control, I am putting Cupcake Hero on hold indefinitely until I have more time to organize it up to its full potential. Please respect my wishes and DO NOT use the Cupcake Hero brand on your blog even unofficially. It is not yours to use. I promise I’m not trying to be be mean. It is not mine to give permission to use. That can only come from the original creator, Laurie of Slush. At this time we both agree that Cupcake Hero is on hiatus while I figure out if I want to continue, have sponsorship (or not), revamp rules, etc. Thank you for understanding.

If you are getting the shakes at the thought of no Cupcake Hero might I recommend Jamieanne of The Sweetest Kitchen‘s Mystery Cupcake Challenge. Heck. I might even give it a go myself.

Eesh. This post is turning all Debbie Downer.

I wanna bribe make it up to you.

Exactly a month from today is my 3 year blogiversary. No really? It is. Just look at my sidebar’s nifty blogiversary reminder. Wow. That means I’ve eaten A LOT of cupcakes in the last 35 months. *poking myself ala Pillsbury Doughboy* I almost forgot until my husband reminded me that he hasn’t had to go to the post office for a giveaway lately. Hardy har har husband. I’m gonna make him regret that.

To celebrate my blogiversary I’m having a **GIVEAWAY**! Nothing PW big. Just some cupcake stuff that I love, have, use, need, want. Readers, Christmas come early this year. *fist pump*

Ready for this?

Grab bag #1 – CB’s favorite cupcake book trio
Grab bag #2 – Cupcake decorating tip set by Wilton (It includes my favorite 1M tip!)
Grab bag #3 – Natalie Dee “Cupcake+Multivitamin=Super Breakfast” tshirt size M
Grab bag #4 – Cupcake iPhone case by Gadget Gear
Grab bag #5 – Cupcake earrings by Tiny Tokens (I didn’t wanna take it out of the cutesy box but you can glimpse a pic here)

As you can see I decided to break it down into 5 separate prizes. So there will be 5 winners. Think of it as 5 chances to win.

(1) Only those who live within the US eligible to win prizes. (Sorry my international peeps!)
(2) Please make sure you leave a valid email address so I can contact you if you win.

To enter leave a comment:
– What dessert are you baking for Thanksgiving?
I’m leaning towards a pumpkin marshmallow cheesecake recipe that I found in Bon Appetit but I’m so indecisive this year!

Want an extra entry?
– Twitter (@ihcuppycakes) about my giveaway and leave me a separate comment with the link. Click “x time ago” under your tweet for the direct link. (+1 entry)
– Bake any IHC recipe and leave me a separate comment with your blog post link. Past recipes work too! Your post must mention my blog somewhere to be valid. (+1 entry)

* If I don’t see a separate entry, I will not count it. B/c I’m mean like that.

Deadline: Wednesday December 15th @ 11:59pm EST

Winners will be chosen by Mr. Random Generator on December 16th.

What are you waiting for? Leave a comment. Win a prize. You have a great chance of winning. I think I only have 10 readers left.

One last thing before I go.

A quick shout out to previous Cupcake Hero participant, Pamela Ahn of Pam Cake Diva. She’ll be on TLC’s new show: Next Great Baker with Buddy Valastro on December 6th. GOOD LUCK PAM! Make all us self taught cupcake-ers proud!

And now I’m headed back to hermit nation. *beauty queen wave goodbye*


Cupcake Hero [August]

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Happy (early) August readers!

This month, as Cupcake Hero’s July winner, Amy of Cupcakes and Other Culinary Creations is our guest host. Please check out her blog for new ingredient and rules. Hint: One of my favorite ingredients!

Cupcake Hero [July]

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Happy July readers!

This month, as Cupcake Hero’s June winner, Sharlene of Small Town Oven is our guest host. Please check out her blog for new ingredient and rules.

EDIT: Ugh! I have no idea why this didn’t get posted on time. Stupid wordpress post date malfunction! Unfortunately the winner has already been chosen. Check out Sharlene’s blog for roundup and winner. Stay tuned for Cupcake Hero August ingredient.

Cupcake Hero [June]

June 1, 2010 at 4:39 PM | Posted in Cupcake Hero | 11 Comments

Happy June readers!

Cupcake Hero took the month of May off but we are back in the swing of things for June.

This month, as Cupcake Hero’s April winner, Dorothy of Kitchen Koala is our guest host. Please check out her blog for new ingredient and rules. My mind is already racing with ideas! You all don’t mind if I enter now and then right? *wink*

Also CONGRATULATIONS on Dorothy’s recent engagement! I’m so happy for you. xo

Cupcake Hero::April [Hello Cupcake] Roundup + WINNER

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I still can’t believe it’s May. Where did April go?

My mom use to tell me that time goes faster when you get older but I never understood her until now. When did a month start feeling like a day? Does that mean I’m getting older? That I’m not climbing up the hill anymore? That I’m actually on the downward slope now?

To add insult to injury. Yesterday I found a white hair! Noooooooo!!!

But thankfully while putting together the round up, I found my inner child again. How can you look at all the cupcake creations and not smile? I know I did. Great now I have smile lines too! But I plucked the white hair. Out of sight out of mind!

Why do I have the sudden urge to yell… HOOTIE WHOOOOO!

1. Xiaolu of 6 Bittersweets

2. Dorothy of Kitchen Koala

3. Dorothy of Kitchen Koala

4. Dorothy of Kitchen Koala

5. Dorothy of Kitchen Koala

6. Dorothy of Kitchen Koala

7. Kate of Grin And Bake It

8. Kate of Grin And Bake It

9. Kate of Grin And Bake It

And the winner is… by random selection:

Congratulations Dorothy! Your mooses (meese?) are STINKIN adorable! Please email me your shipping address and I’ll get those prizes out to you as soon as possible. Thank you to all who entered! Hope you had fun playing with your food.

Oh and just a little cup-date on future of Cupcake Hero.

THANK YOU to everyone that left me a comment on the flickr group. I’m loving the idea of Guest Hosts every month b/c it keeps Cupcake Hero going AND it will bring some traffic to that host’s blog. Who doesn’t love getting an increase in hits?! I admit it. I’m a stats whore. I don’t care if having a stat counter is tacky. I love seeing the numbers go UP UP UP! I also love finding new blogs to read. It’s win-win! I’ll be re-vamping the rules this weekend for Guests Hosts and Cupcake Hero will start up again June. Done and done.

Dorothy, you up for being Cupcake Hero’s first guest host? Email me. *wink wink*

Cupcake Hero [Caramel] **WINNER**

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Ugh. Is it really almost May? Sorry Readers. (There I go again with my case of the Sorrys.)

And here are a couple more I’M-SO-SORRYs for Paige of Starting Over Again and Sophie of The Lazy Cook for waiting patiently for the bakeoff results. Again I repeat. Is it really almost May?? I’m losing my mind must less track of the days. Please tell me I’m not the only one.

Since I’ve made you wait long enough… I’ll skip right to the chase.

Congratulations Paige!
You are the Cupcake Hero::March winner! *golf clap*

Please email me with your address and I’ll be shipping out your well deserved prizes as soon as possible.

I love me some caramel and since my favorite cookies are Girl Scout Samoas, this was a no brainer. The “cake” is a little dense but it was so reminiscent of a shortbread cookie that it was fabulous with the caramel and coconut topping. Of course you can’t forget the drizzle of chocolate on top too. All of my taste tester had nothing but good things to say.

That’s no slight on the challenger’s caramel and strawberry combination though. I love strawberry. I LOVE caramel. Why have I never thought to put it together?? Thanks Sophie for introducing me to deliciousness that is strawberry+caramel. I have a feeling I’ll be making this flavor combination again REAL soon!


Now that that business is out of the way. Please head on over to the Cupcake Hero flickr group to discuss the future of Cupcake Hero. I’ve listed a few options and would love to hear your opinions.

Oh one more thing. THANKS to all that submitted their cupcakes for Cupcake Hero::[April]. I know I had a great time seeing all the creations. Hope you had fun too. Will be posting roundup + Mr. Random generator winner tomorrow…. which probably means it’s more likely on Friday knowing my track record lately. *snort*

Thanks for your time, Cupcake Geeks.

Cupcake Hero [Caramel] Throw Down

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In this corner.

The champion.
Coming out on top with the help of Girl (Scout) Power.

Samoa Cupcake
by Paige of Starting All Over Again

The challenger.
The underdog with berry high expectations.

Caramel Strawberry Cupcakes
by Sophie of The Lazy Cook

Who will sing the winning duet with Caramel?

It comes down to chocolate or strawberry.

Kitchen stadium is now open for auditions.

(Can you tell I’ve been watching too much American Idol and Iron Chef America?)

Cupcake Hero::April [theme]

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Eek! Sorry fellow cupcake-ers. I’m a little delayed in posting the ingredient this month. I have many excuses ranging from “my dog ate my Cupcake Hero ingredient cheat sheet” to “my 1.5 month old twin nieces are so adorable that I’ve been spending alot of my time with them instead of in front of my computer”. Pick the reason that makes you forgive my tardiness.

But I’m guessing you’ll forgive me if I post a couple pics of my nieces.

Was I right? Go ahead. Break out into an Aaawww… I’ll wait.

April is a great foodie month. It’s up there with November (Thanksgiving) and December (Christmas) for me. There’s PB&J day, Caramel Day, Coffee Cake Day, Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day, Licorice Day, National Pecan Day, National Amaretto Day, National Jelly Bean Day… But there’s only one reason that makes me throw my hands in the air (like I just don’t care) when April rolls around.

Three words.

Cadbury Creme Eggs.

Feel me?

I could eat those bad boys all day. They bring me back to simpler days when my cupcake skills were still … ahem… evolving and I made a Cadbury Creme Egg inspired cupcake (here) for Cupcake Hero. I never thought 2 years later I’d be inspired by it for Cupcake Hero again. This time as the task master rather than the cupcake-er. ♪♫ Movin on up to the East side! ♪♫

No, I’m not gonna make you bake with Cadbury Creme Eggs. I decided that this month I want all cupcake-ers to be inspired to think outside the cupcake. See something as something else. And who better to get inspiration for that than Karen Tack and Alan Richardson.

Coincidentally their new book, What’s New Cupcake, comes out in April too. APRIL FOOLS. They fooled us. (Why do I feel like it’s payback for my past April Fools jokes?) It’s actually out already! You can order it (here) from Amazon. Amazon is also featuring some how-to vidoes with Karen and Alan. The Chinese takeout box cupcakes are SO cute! Also their blog (here) has some more great cupcake projects too.

So here’s what I want you to do.

Buy the book, rent it from the library, borrow it from a friend, find it online and have some fun by yourself, with friends, family, kids or all of the above to create any of the cupcake ideas in Hello Cupcake or What’s New Cupcake. You can create it exactly as the book or use it as inspiration for your own creation.

I have to admit picking this theme is kinda selfish. I need some courage. I’ve been wanting to do the Starry Night Cupcake Cake for a LONG time but I’m a wuss. Maybe if I see other cupcake-ers do it, I’ll get that little extra PUSH too. My godson’s birthday is coming up in May and he wants a Starry Night cupcake birthday cake gosh darn it! “Come on Auntie CB! Make it for me!” <– Not only does he love art, he's a poet in training. HA!

Deadline: April 25th @11:59pm EST
(Since I’m not technically baking for this challenge I extended the deadline)

Winner will be chosen by Mr. Random Generator in the order received in the Cupcake Hero flickr group.

If you have any questions, check out my Cupcake Hero FAQs or email me if you can’t find the answer you’re looking for.

PS- Big HUGE thank you to everyone that left an interview question comment for Karen and Alan. 175 questions! They are in the process of reading+answering and I will post the interview along with the **GIVEAWAY** winner at their convenience.

PPS- Cupcake Hero::[Caramel] throw down will be posted tomorrow!

Cupcake Hero::March [Caramel] Roundup+Poll

March 18, 2010 at 6:48 AM | Posted in Cupcake Hero, cupcakes | 9 Comments


Just the word makes my tongue tingle. Forget chocolate *gasp* I’m a caramel girl. I love caramel on ice cream, on cookies, on a piece of toast (Who needs Nutella?), in frosting, in cake, even straight from the squeezy bottle. Heck! I should try it on cooked carrots (blech!) and I bet I’d be sold. Ok maybe that’s going too far b/c cooked carrots are just NARSTY with a capital N.

At first I was a little worried. By March 13th I only had 3 entries. Count it. 1-2-3!

Maybe other cupcake-ers aren’t as much of a caramel freak as me? The thought made me question the state of my mental capacity. Is it possible that ppl don’t like caramel? Naaahhhh… Thankfully you all are just procrastinators (this blogger included) and got your entries in by the seat of your pants!

Sheesh. Don’t scare me like that again!

Without further ado. LET’S ROCK THE VOTE! — > Poll on the side menu bar. Voting ends March 21st @ 11:59pm EST.

Good luck to all cup-testants!

Twix Cupcakes by flickr@BJ Momma

Snickers Cupcakes by Kimberly of Creative Opportunities

Caramel Cupcakes by Stephanie of Cupcakes and Sundry

Coconut Caramel Cupcakes by Suzy of Cuptin Creations

Caramel Frappucino Cupcakes by Kate of Grin And Bake It

Pot of Gold Cupcakes by Dorothy of Kitchen Koala

Caramel Strawberry Cupcakes by Sophie of The Lazy Cook

Delighted Caramel Cupcakes by Nancy of flickr@Nancy005

Devil’s Caramel Cupcakes by Emily of One Busy Girl

Samoa Cupcake by Paige of Starting All Over Again

Salted Caramel Cupcakes by Shannyn of Sugary Flower

Caramel Apple Cupcakes by Tequila Cupcake (Entry #1)

Mocha Caramel Cupcakes by Tequila Cupcake (Entry #2)

Salted Caramel Cashew Cupcakes by Lindsay of TuTu Cupcakes

But you won’t win on votes alone. That will be decided in my kitchen. May the best cupcakes throw down!

Cupcake Hero [Olive Oil] **WINNER**

March 8, 2010 at 3:31 PM | Posted in Cupcake Hero, cupcakes | 6 Comments

It’s no secret that I’m of the age where many friends and family members are popping out kids. I think I’ve mention a couple times on my cupcake blog and my other blog (here) that I’ve been to Baby’s R Us more times than Target this month. It’s true! That’s a lot of baby clothes shopping. And I don’t even have kids! The chick at the cash register even knows me by first name. No lying!

I realize that you’re sitting there scratching your head trying to figure out what this has to do with Cupcake Hero::February’s winner right? Sorry about that. My English composition teacher use to always get on my case about introduction paragraphs. It’s really not my forte. But give me a rubix cube and I can… ok I can’t do that either. But basically what this throw down amounted to was the pure and simple fact that the majority of my taste testers were recent preggos that just had kids. You know what that means?

They were dying for a taste of alcohol.

And Cointreau is like Grand Marnier on steroids. Add that with cream cheese frosting. Well… let’s just say I had to cut off some ppl and take away their keys.

Yes, they are breastfeeding. Don’t look so shocked. It’s called pump and dump.

Congratulations Stephanie!
You are the Cupcake Hero::February winner!

Please email me with your address. Along with all the usual fabulous monthly prizes, you’ll also get a choice between lemon or citrus olive oil donated by Temecula Olive Oil, our special February guest sponsor. *golf clap*

This throw down was a close one. And to be honest my voting card came out with both cupcakes dead even. I mean. Come on!! How do you really choose between a chocolate cake vs liqueur? Good thing I have other judges besides me b/c there’s no way I could have picked a favorite. With that said I’ll also be sending Lindsay of Love and Olive Oil either the lemon or citrus olive oil that Stephanie doesn’t pick as her runner up prize. Don’t you love it when everyone comes out a winner?

Thanks to all cup-testants!

Looking forward to the Cupcake Hero::March [Caramel] entries!

Cupcake on soldiers.

Cupcake Hero [Olive Oil] Throw Down

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In this corner.
Destroying the competition with 41% of the total votes…

Chocolate Olive Oil and Blood Orange Cupcakes
by Lindsay of Love and Olive Oil

The challenger.
Luring my taste testers in with the sweet hint of moonshine…

Blood Orange & Olive Oil Cupcakes
by Stephanie of Cupcakes and Sundry

Better keep your distance Crypts.

It’s the battle of the Bloods… Blood oranges that is!

Who will defend their territory?

Only time in the kitchen will tell.

Cupcake Hero::March [ingredient]

February 22, 2010 at 2:56 PM | Posted in Cupcake Hero, cupcakes | 6 Comments

Oh baby! There are so many fabulous ingredient inspirations for March.

According to American Food Holidays, it’s National Peanut Butter Lover’s Day on March 1st, National Chocolate Caramel Day on March 19th, California Strawberry Day on March 21st, National Orange Day on March 31st, National Lemon Day on March 31st… just to name a few. How’s a Cupcake Hero Grand Master suppose to choose?

Take it to the people! My twitter peeps that is. I’m democratic like that.

It’s what us Grand Masters do when we can’t make a decision for ourselves. (Speaking of… is it really that necessary to comb my hair everyday? I mean. Come on. Really?)

Thank you for your tweets everyone!

The votes are in. The majority has spoken. Motion carried.

Your March ingredient is… CARAMEL! *drooooling*


You can pretty much do anything you want with caramel. You can make caramel from scratch. You can buy caramel candies and melt them down. You can use caramel ice cream topping. You can use it as a filling. You can make it into a frosting. You can use it as part of the cake recipe. Or all three!

“This world cupcake is but a canvas to our imaginations.” ~ Henry David Thoreau, slightly adapted by me

Deadline: March 15th @ 11:59pm EST

If you have any questions, check out my Cupcake Hero FAQs or email me if you can’t find the answer you’re looking for.

PS- Shout out to my twitter girl Tania (@lovebigbake) for making me giggle with her exuberant “MINT” tweet. You are a rockstar. Don’t let anyone tell you differently. I’m still kinda giggling over it. What can I say? I’m easily entertained. I blame the 2 day old leftover mini cupcakes from LA Cupcake Challenge that I’m not ashamed to say I ate for breakfast this morning.

PPS- February throw down will be announced as soon as my taste testers confirm who the challenger will be! All the sudden they are getting kinda pissy about not having a say in the “Baker’s choice” cupcake. I tell ya. Give people a title and they get all uppity! HA HA!

Cupcake Hero::February [Olive Oil] Roundup+Poll

February 18, 2010 at 12:32 PM | Posted in Cupcake Hero, cupcakes | 7 Comments

I can tell by the entries (or lack thereof) that I threw everyone for a loop this month, eh? My husband was peeking over my shoulder (I hate when ppl do that!) while I was putting together the roundup and said “No love for the Olive Oil huh, hon? Don’t be sad.” On the contrary, I’m not sad! I appreciate every entry no matter if there’s 1 or 100. So THANK YOU to all the brave olive oil embracing souls that baked for Cupcake Hero this month.

I know Olive Oil isn’t necessarily what you think of when you think of baking but there’s a new healthy baking revolution out there (I can tell by all the new olive oil cookbooks popping up on Amazon) and I’m starting to embrace it in my own life too. I’m always down for something that can bring MORE cupcakes to the masses! Whether we like it or not, obesity is on the rise but taking a step towards olive oil baking can (maybe?) give future generations a chance to have their cupcake and eat it too!

Did that come off too preachy?

Oh well… I tried.

//getting off soapbox

Without further ado. LET’S ROCK THE VOTE! — > Poll on the side menu bar. Voting ends February 21st @ 11:59pm EST. But you won’t win on votes alone. That will be decided in my kitchen. May the best cupcakes throw down!

Good luck to all cup-testants!

In no particular order.

Ok I lied.

Actually it’s alphabetical b/c my OCD would just not allow me to have no order.

Olive Oil & Citrus Cupcakes w Lemon Glaze
by Carly of Baa Baa Cupcake. Is it just me or do these cupcakes make you giddy for spring?

Cherry Cordial Cupcakes
by Blue Koolaid Martini. Cherry whipped cream. Say no more. Just pass me the whisk.

Hazelnut De-Light
by Catie of Catie’s Cakes and Cookies. I know Nature is a woman b/c she gave us hazelnuts to combine w chocolate and produce Nutella. Amen.

Basil Infused Olive Oil Cupcakes with White Wine
by Steph of Cupcake Project. Does this chick know me or what? White wine makes everything better. Cupcakes. Crying babies. Oh wait. Forget I mentioned that last one.

Blood Orange & Olive Oil Cupcakes
by Stephanie of Cupcakes and Sundry. Am I an open book? Another chick that knows me. Cointreau. I don’t know how to pronounce it but I know I like it.

Chocolate Olive Oil Cupcakes w Raspberry Cream Cheese Frosting
by Suzy of Cup-Tin Creations. Raspberry. Yes. Cream Cheese frosting. Definitely yes. Together. H-E-double-hockey-sticks YES.

Almond Olive Oil Cake w Cream Cheese Frosting and Olive Oil Granola
by Erin of Erin’s Food Files. I’m having an out of body experience b/c I’m actually thinking of making the granola without the cupcake. *gasp* Omg someone check me for a fever!

Chocolate Olive Oil and Blood Orange Cupcakes
by Lindsay of Love and Olive Oil. It’s really not fair that her swirls are so perfect.

Pot of Love Cupcakes
by Pam of Pam’s Cake Designs. How cute is this name? I just wanna reach out and pinch the little red heart and babble baby talk at it.

Lemon Infused Olive Oil Cupcakes
by Louise of Sparkles Cupcake Supplies. Forget the grapefruit. And the lime. Lemon is where it’s at.

Sunny Olive Oil Cupcakes
by Anna of Very Small Anna. The drizzle of olive oil on top is really just the icing on the cake. (Aren’t you glad I saved the corny line for the end?)

Postscript. I profusely apologize if I forgot anyone. Please email me if I forgot your entry, spelled your name wrong, forgot the link to your blog, spelled your blog name wrong etc etc. I will do my best to fix any errors. Thank you.

Cupcake Hero::February

January 21, 2010 at 7:18 PM | Posted in Cupcake Hero | 24 Comments

Whew! Are you all rested? January is/was a much needed refocusing month for me. I’m not trying to make excuses (ok maybe a little) but buying a house, moving and starting your own business is a major time sucker! (There I said it!) But Cupcake Hero is back for February.

Now I bet you’re all thinking I’m gonna bust out something pink or chocolate or lovey dovey to celebrate Valentines’ Day right? I admit that’s what I was leaning towards. I’m a big fan of “Love Day”. (A little Simpsons reference for all the fans!) But you know those people that ask why we have to have one day to celebrate the ones we love? Why don’t we show people that we love them everyday? Trust me. I get it. Valentines’ is a little ALOT over commercialized. But holidays are what you make of it IMO. And I for one am happy that I have one day set aside to remind me. Because let’s be honest. Life is busy. It’s nice to have one day that makes me slow down, stop and remember to tell the Husband “I Love You”. I don’t think the words mean any less if you set aside time to say them either.

Then again if you’re single. Happy Single Awareness Day!

Even though I love the tradition of Valentines’ Day, I’m not necessarily traditional about what symbolizes Valentines’ giftwise. Most women want diamonds, roses and/or chocolate. But this year I want the AeroGarden. Nothing says “love” like counter top grown fresh herbs, no? Ok maybe it’s just me. I guess I’m kind of on a food health kick of sorts. And that’s why I am tickled that we have a special guest sponsor this month.

Everyone say hello to Temecula Olive Oil Company.
Hello… Temecula Olive Oil Company.

Amy from TOOC has graciously offered a bottle of either Citrus or Lemon Olive Oil to this month’s Cupcake Hero winner on top of all the other prizes from our monthly sponsors. *golf clap*

So as you probably already figured out. This month’s ingredient is… Olive Oil!

(via Google Images)

Feel free to use flavored olive oil, virgin olive oil, extra virgin olive oil or pure olive oil. (And no, olive oil PAM does not count. Nice try.)

Check out these sources for baking with olive oil.
Amazing Olive Oil
Serious Eats
The New York Times
Cupcake Project <– one of my fav cupcake blogs
I Heart Cuppycakes! <– a little self promotion never hurt anyone *wink*

Deadline: February 15th @ 11:59pm EST

If you have any questions, check out my Cupcake Hero FAQs or email me if you can’t find the answer you’re looking for.

FUN FACT- Did you know that EVOO (extra-virgin olive oil) is in the dictionary now? Oh that Rachael Ray. Is there any words she can’t combine? Personally I’m a fan of acronyms but “stoup”? Sorry. No. I can’t get behind stoup.

Cupcake Hero: [Peanut Butter+Coconut] **WINNERS**

January 19, 2010 at 1:03 PM | Posted in Cupcake Hero, cupcakes | 4 Comments

Yikes! Do I have any readers left? I’ve committed blogging’s original sin. I haven’t blogged in a month! *smacks self on the hand*

So… Let’s get right down to business.

Cupcake Hero November. (Lordy. I am WAY behind!) was a doozy. You can imagine my family and friends’ surprise when I busted out a bacon laced cupcake and a peanut butter mountain cupcake during the holidays. Bacon isn’t necessarily what you’d call “Christmas”. I think they were expecting gingerbread or peppermint. But bacon? I definitely had some taste testers with reservations. But a couple of my boozy relatives were giddy over the idea Stephanie Number 2’s addition of bourbon. What lushes! But I have to admit I was “this” close to leaving out the banana in the frosting. Sorry! I just don’t think bananas have a place in desserts. I’m kind of a fruit-ist. But I resisted and stayed true to the recipe. Proud of me?

Oh… and lemme just tell ya. Stephanie Number 1 wasn’t kidding when she said to make sure I had some milk nearby for her colossal peanut butter mountain cupcake. A couple of my taste testers could barely take a bite much less talk. It was actually quite funny to see them try. I can tell you that no one hesitated to take a second bite though. The brownie cupcake with peanut butter chips were a tasty combination. Add in the ice cream…? Sinful.

So who’s the winner… you ask?

First I just wanna premise the final voting by saying that I think one cupcake-er may have had an unfair advantage. But I promise it was purely an honest mistake. Maybe it’s just me. But is this year crazy for the amount of preggos that you know too? I swear! I can count on 2 hands how many friends and family members are expecting kids in the next 6-9 months. Heck my SIL is expecting twins! (Don’t drink the water!) And you know that preggos like the “interesting” food combinations right? Remember that episode of I Love Lucy? She wanted pistachio ice cream, hot fudge with sardines!?! *shudder* What she did to that ice cream was just wrong!

So I think it must be the combination of salty and sweet that won over the preggos. (And if I’m gonna be honest I can’t forget that the lushes probably played a key role too. This lush included.)

You are the Cupcake Hero::November winner!

Special thanks to Jamieanne of The Sweetest Kitchen for guest hosting Cupcake Hero::December for me while I was moving into my new home. Hope you had fun and please feel free to guest host for me anytime!

You are the Cupcake Hero::December winner!

You can read more about the December throw down in Jamieanne’s kitchen >> here.


Whew! I think I’m all caught up.

Obviously I took a little mental health break for January (Trust me! I needed it!) but stay tuned tomorrow for Cupcake Hero::Februrary’s ingredient. I’m really excited about it!

Peace out cupcake freaks!

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