Peanut Butter Pie for Mikey

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As a blogger, the internet has made the world much smaller even though the miles span the globe. I have met so many amazing inspiring people that touch me in different ways. People that have introduced me to food, laughter, stories and their loved ones. People that have let me in their home albeit through my computer but I am flattered every time. I have no doubts we’ll be seeing webcams in 3D soon and I’ll be sporting those ugly glasses someday.

But I digress.

I did not know Jennifer that well. We’ve had a few twitter conversations (all relating to cupcakes. Go figure!) But when I heard that she had lost her soulmate my heart hurt for her. I immediately thought of my own husband. Just the thought made me tear up. I knew I had to do something. But what?

I didn’t have to look far. Her blog had the answer. Bake a peanut butter pie for Mikey. (You can find the recipe on her blog.) And “… share it with someone you love. Then hug them like there’s no tomorrow because today is the only guarantee we can count on.”

Jennifer’s words were wise. I did exactly what she said.

I kissed my husband.
I hugged my nieces.
I laughed with my parents. (My Father-in-Law tells the best stories!)
I shared pie with my brother, brother-in-law and sister-in-law.

I thought I was doing something for Jennifer and Mikey but I realized that night, surrounded by all the people that I love, that she’s the one that gave me the gift. The gift of quality time.

Thank you Jennifer.
Rest in peace Mikey.

You are loved. —> There is no greatest gift in this world. ♥♥♥

Click (here) to see all the Peanut Butter Pies for Mikey. It’s inspiring.


I always knew “Cupcake” was a bad influence.

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Friday Funnies presents … Cupcake Mugshot, a Natalie Dee design.

TGIF readers. FTW!

I’ll be out of the office…

July 26, 2009 at 8:06 AM | Posted in random | 10 Comments

Hello dearest readers,

I’ll be out of the “office” for the next 10 days at a remote location FAR FAR FAR away from work, laundry and my kitchen with limited access to email and internet. (I’m a little stressed out about the limited access to internet part. HA!)

My husband and I will be celebrating our 2nd anniversary on Monday (Man, time flies when you’re having fun. So cliche but so true!) and decided to take a 2nd honeymoon. I promised him that I would tear myself away from the computer and spend time with him (What was I thinking??) but I will respond to any emails and comments when I return.

Cupcakes and Love,

Mousse-1 CB-0

October 14, 2008 at 8:23 PM | Posted in cupcakes, random | 20 Comments

I tried really hard. I promise.

Sadly a cupcake wasn’t in the cards today.

I wasn’t even gonna post about it. But I figured sometimes its nice to read about the failures right? Like me telling you “See, I am not perfect. Sometimes I fail.” kinda thing? I don’t mind failing as long as I learn something from it (translation: It sucks and I have no idea what I did wrong).

I had such high hopes. sigh…

Vanilla bean cheesecake cupcakes topped with white chocolate mousse. Sounds heavenly right?

But all you get right now is the cheesecake part.

After 3 tries the mousse won. It just never came together. ::sniff::

All I know is… I am out 3 cups of heavy whipping cream, 12 oz of white chocolate, my feet hurt, my back aches and my trashcan smells like cream cheese and whipped cream puke.

Sorry readers… I give up. I’ll have to try again another day.

::eating naked cheesecake cupcakes to console myself::

I found my #1

October 10, 2008 at 8:15 AM | Posted in cupcakes, random | 17 Comments

But it wasn’t as earth shattering as I imagined it would be. I compare it to wishing for your knight in shining armor on a white horse but kissing a frog instead. A little bit of a let down. A slimey fly breath one. FYI bad breath totally kills the mood. Take note princes.

Did you know that your blog could have multiple feeds? I DIDN’T?!! Google reader needs a manual for us lame princesses that don’t know the rules of the kingdom. I wish I could say that I figured it out on my own but I pass my crown to Nikki who was front of the line when they were handing out common sense. (Apparently I slept in.) She figured out that I had a different feed in my GR for my cupcake blog than my readers did. I guess Nikki wasn’t the only one that understood this multiple feed phenom b/c commenter Lori suggested it as well. Please tell me I am not the only one that didn’t know about that multiple feed thing? Please…

I still don’t get it, CB. Explain?

Well… Most readers use my full wordpress URL in their reader right?

But I guess the day I decided to add my own blog to my reader (I like seeing what my feed readers see b/c I am a dork like that) I added my shortened URL.

So… Who was The One? My #1 was me.

::smacks brain upside the head::

Hello Brain… Its me, CB. Anyone up there?

Thank you to all 50+ commenters. I feel like a total dork for causing such confusion but… You love me. You really love me. And it’s nice to be loved. *muah*

Stay tuned for Halloween cupcakes soon. Very very soon.

Don’t quote me but maybe an event too?

Dear Subscriber 1.0

October 9, 2008 at 10:05 AM | Posted in cupcakes, random | 64 Comments

Dear Subscriber 1.0,

I just wanted to interrupt my regularly scheduled blogging to tell you personally that I really appreciate you subscribing (and hopefully reading) my blog via your google reader. Its you, my 1 subscriber, my 1 reader, my 1 fan, that makes blogging so enjoyable for me.

So THANK YOU from the bottom of my little ‘ol blogger heart. ♥♥♥

Click to enlarge

IHC BlogMasta CB

PS. Could my one subscriber leave me a comment so I can give them an extra entry in the 1,2,3 giveaway? Just my way of saying Thanks! ;)

PPS. Also wanted to share a crunkcake clink with Natalie, who showed me how to look up my subscribers via GR. I heart google reader. Show details. Hide details. Show details. Hide details. I could do that all day…

PPPS. What do you wanna see for my next cupcake? Halloween or pink sprinkles?

Confessions of a Cupcake Slacker

October 3, 2008 at 7:59 AM | Posted in non-cupcake, random | 25 Comments

Dearest readers,

Forgive the lack of updates.

I know. I know. I am such a …

Its not for a lack of recipes, ideas, cupcake events etc. I have 30 drafts that are waiting to be finished and published. Rather I’ve been bitten (…and it aint the good SJP kind either); bitten by the blogger’s block bug.

I find myself in a quandary lately. My usual spontaneous surge of cupcake enthusiasm is on vacation. I am hopeful it will be back from some fabulous beach soon though.


Your friendly neighborhood cupcake slacker,
C to the B

PS. What do you do for some blogging motivation? Drink green tea? Yoga? Re-arrange furniture? Shopping? Help me find my mojo again!?!?

Martha. Martha. Martha

September 23, 2008 at 10:26 AM | Posted in non-cupcake, random | 9 Comments

(^ Say it like Jan Brady does. Thats how I say it in my head. LOL)

No, I am not talking about Martha/Marcia Brady. I am talking about THE Martha.

(image credit: The Martha Blog – it changes colors! I am easily amused today.)

Last week she had a whole show dedicated to blogging.

(I was invited to be in the audience but NYC is an expensive plane ticket away. I was so bummed but I stayed at home in my PJs watching my tv, hanging onto every word.)

See people? This is why she’s successful. She knows that blogging isn’t just a passing fancy. Bloggers today have some incredible power and she wants in! She’s embracing her inner blogger. Expanding her domestic empire. I don’t blame her. If I could make Perez Hilton money blogging, I’d jump at the chance! Wouldn’t you?

Why am I talking about Martha? Well… She wants to get to know more bloggers like you and me so go leave her a comment on her blog and link back to her blog on your blog. (You can see my comment about 50 comments down.) Who knows? You may end up in Martha’s Circle like Perez Hilton, Smitten Kitchen, Cute Overload, Matt Bites etc etc.

I imagine thats like being Oprah approved.

PS- Thanks to all for helping me choose between sprinkles and santa. I have a cupcake order due this Friday but after that I plan to have some fun with green sprinkles. Stay tuned.

What is Autumn?

September 16, 2008 at 9:42 AM | Posted in blog event, cupcakes, random | 21 Comments

You may have already noticed the purdy little “Art You Eat” banner on my side menu bar but just in case… go take a peek and then come back.

::waiting patiently::

Is that a pear? I think its a pear right? No matter. Its still lovely on my side menu bar. Don’t you agree?

My newest banner promotes Art You Eat Hello Captain Obvious! which is the brain child of fellow TWD baker, Holly of Phe/mom/enon. I was so flattered when she invited me to participate but after I heard the theme as “August” I admit I got a little scurred.

Let me break it down for you.

I live in CA. I wear flip flops year ’round. My everyday any day outfit of choice is tank top with jeans (sometimes I’ll switch it up with capris, sweats or PJ pants though). Our season consists of Summer, Spring and slightly-chilly-what-are-long-johns?-more-like-fall Winters. Get me?

So I need some autumnal cupcake inspiration. Help?

When you think of Autumn… what comes to your mind?

After reading all the comments, it looks like I need to create a cinnamon, chai, apple cider, black velvet, clove, nutmeg, maple syrup, starbucks pumpkin spice latte, fig, sweet potato cupcake, right? It might be overkill but I’ll see what I can do. LOL. Thanks for comments everyone! xoxo, Clara

Arrrgghhh! I hate when I do that!

August 24, 2008 at 9:52 PM | Posted in non-cupcake, random | 2 Comments

I accidentally deleted an email that was in my spam folder but the split second before it disappeared, I read:

Hi! I am from the UK and I love your blog…

Darn my trigger happy delete finger! I AM SO SORRY! So if you recently wrote me an email with those words, please email me again!

Top of the cupcake to you!

May 13, 2008 at 2:39 PM | Posted in cupcakes, random | 31 Comments
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Are there any Seinfeld fans in da hizzouse?

One of my favorite episodes is The Muffin Tops episode 155 that aired May 8, 1997.

(Dang! I just realized… thats the year I graduated high school! Whoa and now I just totally dated myself but hey you don’t know for sure; maybe I was a child prodigy and graduated at 11? LOL)

SUMMARY: Elaine’s former boss, Mr. Lippman, decides to start a muffin business and Elaine partners up with him. She explains that he should bake the whole muffin but remove the top from the stump and only sell the top b/c the top is the best part. The name of the business is a classic play on words, “Top of the Muffin to You!”. Their business begins to thrive but they are left with massive amounts of muffin stumps so Elaine graciously donates them to the homeless. Only they don’t want them. In fact nobody wants them.

The episode reminds me of my own idiosyncratic cupcake eating habits. I admit, just like Elaine, my favorite part of a cupcake is the frosted top. I rarely eat more than 1-2 of any cupcake I bake and lately its been less b/c I’ve been pulling the frosted top off the stump leaving the stump uneaten. Lucky for me, my husband will eat any part of the cupcake esp if its his favorite, red velvet, as long as there’s some leftover cream cheese frosting to smear on it. So unlike Elaine, I don’t have to deal with a homeless inquisition to get rid of my cupcake stumps. Its win-win! LOL

Question: What would *YOU* do with leftover cupcake stumps?

My topless red velvet cupcake stump

Calling all chocoholics!!

May 9, 2008 at 1:50 PM | Posted in random | 36 Comments

What goes good with chocolate? (I am totally brain fart-ing right now)

Hit me up with any and all combos you can think of. The quirky-er the better! Do not ask me why… just comment. THANK YOU!

Red light. Yellow light. GREEN LIGHT!

Leaving on a jet plane…

April 4, 2008 at 12:15 AM | Posted in random | 4 Comments

By the time you all read this, I will be on a Boeing 757 jet plane headed towards…

I am really excited to get together with the “family” that I alluded to in this post.

But don’t worry… Unlike the song, I know when I’ll be back…

Be on the look out next week for Chicago cupcake reviews and a super secret experiment!

Have cupcake-tastic weekend everyone! (I know I will!)

Who would you hire?

January 28, 2008 at 6:08 PM | Posted in cupcakes, random | 10 Comments

I honestly thought my cupcake taste-tester wanted ad was just something funny that I concocted for my readers but imagine my surprise when some cuppycakes fans applied! They were so freaking hilarious I had to share! I literally cackled reading them. 

Racheypoo emailed me the actual application in her own handwriting. KRMWV and Alanna had problems with my PDF file but were so dedicated that they wrote all the questions and answers out via email.  And last but not least, Nikki… is definitely a contender b/c she’s apparently bilingual!

I am not sure how I will choose. Who would you hire?

If you would like to apply for the position, please click here for application.

Applicant #1

(Click to image to enlarge)

Applicant #2

Full Name: Alanna X
Sex: yes, please!
Date of Birth: November 7, 1978
Contact email:
Education: Bachelor’s degree
Are you eligible to work in the United States? yes or no – Yes, Ma’am!
Have you ever been convicted or plead no contest to a cupcake related felony in the last year? Yes or no. If yes, explain> no
Desired Position: cupcake taster/tester
Date you can start: immediately
Days/Hours available: M__x___ T__x___ W__x___ Th__x___ F__x___ Sa_x____ Su__x___
Are you willing to work: weekends __x___ holidays__x___ nights__x___
Desired Salary: I will work for cupcakes.
Work Experience: I have been baking for 20 years, and I’ve been eating for 29. I also have blogging experience, especially in the food area.
Do you have any special cupcake skills: I have a very discerning palate for flavors. I also like to dabble in cupcake baking.
May we contact your current employer? yes
Do you have any physical conditions that would prohibit you from lifting a 6 oz cupcake? Explain> Lifting sounds like good exercise to me. I have no problem with this at all!
Do you certify that the above answers are true to the best of your knowledge? yes

Alanna X__________________________________
January 27, 2008__________________________________

Applicant #3

Full Name: Kristi X
Sex: Female
Date of Birth: A lady never tells her age………… (Oh, who am I kidding – 04/07/1973
Contact email:
Education: Come on now, you know us West Virginians ain’t knowin nuthin about edjumication – j/k
Are you eligible to work in the United States? yes
Have you ever been convicted or plead no contest to a cupcake related felony in the last year? Yes or no. If yes, explain>
No convictions, just some frivilous allegations that couldn’t be proven at the time of the grand jury, so I was exonerated
Desired Position: Official Cupcake Taster (cupcake queen’s slave, whatever
Date you can start: ASAP
Days/Hours available: M__X__ T__X__ W_X___ Th__X__ F_X___ Sa__X__ Su_X___
Are you willing to work: weekends __X___ holidays__X__ nights__X__
Desired Salary: None, I would do this for free.
Work Experience: 34 years of craving (and indulging) in all things cake related.
Do you have any special cupcake skills: I can usuallly smell a cupcake and tell you what flavor it is.
May we contact your current employer? You can, but he doesn’t like sweets and therefore may not be able to truly comprehend the need for such a position nor the dedication that I would have to have for the position and that it may possibly interfere with my workload which he provides. Don’t ask, don’t tell……
Do you have any physical conditions that would prohibit you from lifting a 6 oz cupcake? Explain>
Not a physical condition per se, but sometimes if I don’t have enough cupcakes my hands will start to tremble which could cause some of the icing or possible decoration to be slightly skewed. But I could always do a shot of sugar beforhand just to be sure. :)
Do you certify that the above answers are true to the best of your knowledge? Yes, oh cupcake queen and king.
/s/ Kristi X\

Applicant #4

(Click image to enlarge)

WANTED: Cupcake taste-tester

January 27, 2008 at 4:59 PM | Posted in cupcakes, random | 19 Comments

Iheartcuppycakes! is seeking honest, enthusiastic, hungry bloggers with an appetite to taste test various cupcake recipes. Candidates for this position will be responsible for writing reviews and may involve some photography.

You must be at least 18 years old.
Able to operate a camera, computer and keyboard.
Registered cuppycakes commenter (recommended but not required).
Sweet tooth.
Taste buds.
Love of cupcakes.

Cuppycakes offers competitive employee cupcake compensation. If you meet or exceed these requirements and desire to work with Cuppycakes, we invite you to submit your resume for consideration.

[click here for application]

Send completed applications to: Cuppycakes Employment

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