My Bloggys

I love getting blog awards.

I call them Bloggys like the Emmys or Razzies. Hopefully its more like an Emmy though. LOL.

Sometimes I forget that I am not just writing for myself. Awards motivate me to keep blogging along for the readers out there in the blogosphere that appreciate what I am doing. Thanks to all my award givers. It would be just as easy for me to give it right back to you.

xoxo, Clara

From Quirky Cupcake & SpatulasCorkscrews & HowToEatACupcake

From AbbySweets & EngineerBaker

From Honeyed Hashette & Shazam in the kitchen & She’s Cooking Now & Lisa Magic Sprinkles

From Take The Cannoli

From AbbySweets

From Slice of Sueshe & Miss Marie

From miss.cupcake.face

From Little Birdie Secrets & Tomatoes And Basil

From Culinary Delights

From Run Play Cook & The Look 4 Less

From Evil Shenanigans

From Cakes, Cookies, Cupcakes Oh My!


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