Hello, my name is CB. And this is my blog.

I live with my Hubs and our 115lb puppy in a cozy townhouse off the southern coast of California. (Doesn’t that sound fancy?) I’ve been with my husband for almost 12 years but we didn’t actually tie the knot until July 2007. (I needed the health insurance. Hey! At least I’m honest.) Thankfully he loves me and I love him so it all kinda works out. Can I reminisce for a minute? The funniest wedding moment was during the vows when our officiant said “Do you take this woman to be your wife?” and Husband said “I do!”, his father (my FIL) yelled out… “It’s about time!”

I think its pretty obvious that I LOVE LOVE LOVE cupcakes!

My blog is a dedication to my obsession with cupcakes. I started iheartcuppycakes! in Dec 2007 but in a few short months I am overwhelmed with the response! Apparently I am not the only cupcake lover out there huh? While I do not have any professional baking experience (I graduated from the Wilton cake 4 class decorating course though!), I am enjoying my trial-and-error approach as I continue to bake and blog about cupcakes.

I started this blog as a way to keep track of recipes I found online and my own experiences with cupcake baking. The Bad, The Good and the Ugly. You’ll find my success and failures along with my random life thoughts. Trust me. It can get pretty random up in here. Don’t be surprised if I talk about my iPhone more than my husband. I’m all about keeping it real. Oh and… I’m known for breaking out in haiku when you least expect it. Like now.

Me want a cupcake
I will give you a kidney
For a bite of yours

I’m a thirty-something-wondering-where-her-twenty-somethings-went girl that still doesn’t know what she wants be when she grows up. Although I am throwing around the idea of being Vanna White’s understudy. Everyone tells me I have great jazz hands.

I’m still learning the whole food+photography gig. Nine times out of 10, I shoot with my Sony Cybershot DSC-S700 and I’m not above using photo editing programs when I can’t get the lighting just right on my own. (Yeah I said it!) But I’m hoping to “really explore the space” with my Sony A200 DSLR as time goes on. Can I be honest? The thing scares me! So many buttons. F-stop is the inverse of what now? I’m like a man and refuse to read the instruction manual.

Please give credit back to my blog if you use any of my photos or original recipes. Although ingredients are not technically under copyright, my step-by-step instructions are. I retain the rights to them. So I’d appreciate if you don’t C/P my instructions word-for-word. *stern stare* Besides I’m sure your readers would rather read YOUR own step-by-step experience instead. Since they are reading your blog and not mine. (What’s up with that?)

Most people know I’m a CW (comment whore). I LOVE LOVE LOVE getting comments. But let’s wo/man up, mkay? If you’re gonna leave me a rude comment. Don’t be anonymous or use a fake email. That just makes you look more like a a$$hat.

Feel free to email me anytime with comments, questions and/or suggestions! While I heart emails from my readers, SPAM should only come encased in gelatinous goo in a can. Yum! I will try my best to answer all emails in a timely manner. But please remember that I don’t sit at my computer waiting for readers to email me. I do have a life outside of blogging (Really I do!) and sometimes replies can take longer than I intend. Can you believe people actually get mad? Earth to mean people. This is a hobby. I’m not your personal Google search. (Unless I’m you and you’re my BFF, Nikki.)

And t-t-t-that’s all folks.

Smell ya later!

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  1. Way to keep your real life on the DL …. posting pics of T all over the place. I’m telling!

  2. NIKKI, its just one stinkin picture and you can barely see his face! Besides you already know I am an open book… err blog. haha.

  3. Opiebuns? Aw! That is the cutest effing pet name I’ve ever heard!!

    You are very pretty!!

  4. AMBJER, me purdy? ah shucks! Stop…stop… you’re making me ::blush::. Thanks about my bunny’s name. Her real name is Opal b/c of her color but we shortened it to Opie and “buns” just kinda got added to it after a while. haha.

  5. I know you are always looking for ways to ship cupcakes….well I think i found something for you. William-Sonoma has on clearance Monogrammed Cupcake Boxes, 6-Cup, Set of 4and tehy are RED and white. :) I figured you would get a kick out of these. They were 29.00 but now they are 9.99.
    Have a good day!


  6. JEN, ooohhhhhh ::off to check out WS site:: thanky!

  7. Hello!
    I think this try.

  8. Just wanted to let you know how much I love your blog. It was mentioned on CC and I’m so happy I took a look,you’re in my favorites and I didn’t even know I liked cupcakes so much :)

  9. ANDREA, aawwww you’re so sweet! What is CC? So glad you enjoy my blog! I never knew I loved cupcakes that much either. Some friends actually call me addicted. Can you believe it? ;)

  10. CC is Cakecentral.com and if you haven’t been there you must check it out! It is a treasure trove of pictures, ideas and bakery artist from every corner of the world to help you with anything you can imagine! Cupcakes haven’t gotten their fair shake there until now, everyone is talkin’ cupcake :)

  11. ANDREA, fun! I’ll definitely go check it out. Its always fun to be inspired by pictures and other cupcake-ers! I did notice a couple views from CC in my stats. Looks like I have you to thank! :)

  12. Hi! i a-d-o-r-e your blog! is really cool! i noticed that you have a facebook, can you give me your name so i can find you? you look like a really nice girl n.n i mean, we have 2 things in comun (of what i see) we both LOVE cupcakes & twilight! ^^
    so if you like to talk more so we can know each other n.n
    i going to give u my email:
    cupcake-mosnter@live.com.ar :3
    See ya!

    x o x , Mayra (my crapy name xD )

  13. saw previous post about cupcake jewelry… and this reminded me of your little logo…
    just letting you know

  14. Yup! Cupcakes and Twilight. What more do you need? ;)

  15. Very cool. Thanks for sharing etsy link with me!

  16. Hi Clara,

    Love your blog! I wanted to share with you a website to get cupcake shirts/bags/buttons/sweatshirts. I was looking at Twilight items :) but decided to see what cupcake apparel they have. http://t-shirts.cafepress.com/cupcake? They are so cute. I think my favorite is the one that says ‘A muffin is just an ugly cupcake’.

  17. So cool! Thanks for the link. I see a couple things that I definitely need to add to my cupcake collection! The ugly cupcake one is hilarious! :)

  18. hey is there some where that i can find your email addy?

  19. iheartcuppycakes AT gmail DOT com

  20. i wish i was your friend and lived where u lived so i could taste each and everyone of your amazing creations!! eee!!

  21. Thank you for your blog. It is really inspiring to see those beautiful cupcakes. It makes me want to bake something everytime I visit your site.

    I want to ask for your permission to publish your Meringue Buttercream recipe on my website if you may. Please reply me as I can’t wait to post my cake decorating experiment.



  22. Oh my this is a great website! i have been looking forever for a cupcake contest and was told about yours:D but question is im in Canada and can i enter? and i cant seem to find contact information or your email address! thanks:D

  23. So sorry I didn’t see your comment until now. Feel free to use the recipe and link to my blog. Linkage is always appreciated :)

  24. Thank you! International cup-testants are definitely welcome but I just let you know ahead of time that not all prizes may be available for shipping international. Any other questions, please email me: iheartcuppycakes@gmail.com

  25. Nice blog – some interesting tips too! Feel free to stop over and read some of my cupcake blog at http://www.fontgirl.wordpress.com

  26. Hi Clara,
    I’m writing to you because as the originator and creator of Cupcake hero I feel you should know that the host of I Dream in Buttercream had very negative remarks to say about my cupcake entry. Maybe she doesn’t know how to bake or follow a recipe but in either case, the cupcake I submitted was a very good recipe and is a recipe that is used in one of NYC’s toniest restaurants. But besides that, the negative criticism is unwarranted on a public forum. The host before I dream in Buttercream for the Sept. month was also very critical of another entrant’s cupcake. I don’t understand where all this is coming from and I feel that you should put it out there that negative comments should not be used and instead incorporate constructive criticism. After all, Cupcake Hero is your baby and affects you as well. Thank you. Jackie

  27. I’m in agreement with Clara from I heart Cuppcakes regarding holding off on the competition until she can reevaluate the contest. It seems to have gotten out of her control and it was her idea to begin with and her name behind it. Clara’s vision for Cupcake Hero if I may, was to challenge people to make and bake new flavors and have fun doing it. The rules weren’t the problem. The problem were the all the negative comments made the that month’s hostess. The September hostess was very negative in her description of the losing cupcake, forgetting that while the losing cupcake did lose, it did garner the votes. The same can be said of the October hostess. People don’t need to take cupcake hero seriously but in all fairness, it is a contest and people are taking time from their busy schedule to bake and enter. And if you want to compete and have a competition then you should be held accountable and to the same standards as other baking contest i.e. Pillsbury, The Sweetest Kitchen. I think once Clara let go of the reins of her Cupcake Hero, things went downhill. Now November’s winner wants to have an Unofficial Cupcake Hero contest, thereby undermining and stealing Clara’s idea.

  28. So I was shopping online..and came accross this necklace and thought of you. It’s really cute. I may have to get one for myself lol. http://www.forever21.com/product.asp?catalog_name=FOREVER21&category_name=acc_jewelry&product_id=1064786486&Page=1&pgcount=100

  29. Waaahhh! The link doesn’t work. I wanna see the cupcake necklace. *pout stomp pout*

  30. Go to Forever21.com There’s actually 2 different ones. Cupcake charm necklace and cupcake necklace. Just type in “cupcake necklace” in the search field and they’ll come up. :)

  31. LOL! That’s my CB!!! I’m going to be trying out a few of your yummy recipes because someone has a special bday coming up and I need all the help I can get. :) Thanks in advance!!!!

  32. It’s nice to know I am not the only “thirty-something-wondering-where-her-twenty-somethings-went girl that still doesn’t know what she wants be when she grows up”. I recently took on baking as a challenge and I look forward to your blog help!

    Shanna :-)

  33. Hi CB !!!
    I really love your blog, it makes me want so bad to make cupcakes !! ahah
    I was just wondering, why in some recipe you use milk and some you don’t. I wanted to find a basic recipe for the cupcake.

    Thank you again for you fabulous blog !! :)

    Take care.

  34. Hi Sophie! Thanks for the sweet blog compliments. I’m far from a molecular gastronomist but here’s what I think. Milk is a base so when a recipe calls for baking powder, which is an acid+base, the milk helps activates the acidic leavening. I think the recipes that I use water might have baking soda and/or cocoa? B/c the milk (base) wouldn’t do much with the baking soda (base). I hope that answers your question. If you have any others feel free to email me: iheartcuppycakesATgmail

  35. Hey there…would you like to give a little social media support to our Peace Treats campaign? We back cupcakes for free, and donate the revenues to charities.

    We are finalists in an national competition! check us out!


  36. Hey there…would you like to give a little social media support to our Peace Treats campaign? We back cupcakes for free, and donate the revenues to charities.

    We are finalists in an national competition! check us out!

  37. Hi, I’m 9 years old and write the cupcake blog Carrie’s Cupcake Critique (www.carriescupcakecritique.shutterfly.com). I love your blog! Maybe you can write about the fiction book series I just did with my mom about a Cupcake Club for kids?
    You can email me at carrieplcclub@aol.com
    THANKS! Carrie

  38. http://www.facebook.com/iPageTraining

  39. I’m not sure exactly why but this blog is loading incredibly slow for me. Is anyone else having this issue or is it a problem on my end? I’ll
    check back later on and see if the problem still exists.

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    Ipage+FAQs | I♥cuppycakes!

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